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The Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme has been implemented by the Government of Kerala to connect youth with employment and reduce the unemployment rate. Through which youth of the state and unemployed will be linked with employment. How to avail and apply. For this, you have to read this article till the end. So let’s know about Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme 2020.

Athijeevanam Keraliyam Yojana


Athijeevanam Keraliyam Yojana has been launched by the Chief Minister of Kerala government to reduce unemployment rate in the state and make the youth self-reliant. Under which unemployed and job seekers will get employment in their own state. In which the Government of Kerala will provide employment to about 50,000 people in the current financial year. The scheme will benefit 50k people. For the scheme, the Chief Minister has additionally mentioned that the reconstruction of Rs 145 crore will be done as a facility for Kerala and Rs 20.50 crore as plan support for the undertaking. The scheme will be implemented under the Chief Minister Local Employment Assurance Program (LAAP) of the state government.

Components Of The Yojana

To connect the youth to the scheme, 5 components will work primarily – Yuva Kerala Project, Connect to Work, EDP-K, ARISE and KMEDP

  1. Yuva Kerala Project

Yuva Kerala Project aims to provide self-reliance to 10,000 youth by providing them skill training and employment. About 60 crores have been sanctioned for this scheme by the state government. Under YKP, the age limit of the beneficiary should be between 18 and 35 years and they should be members of poor families. For Javik, Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Differently Abled (PH) category, the age limit is 45 years. In this project, beneficiaries are provided with 100% free training, free travel, accommodation, meals, uniforms, post-placement support, counseling and tracking for a period of 1 year.

  1. Interface with Work (C2W)

The Interface with Work (C2W) program focuses on the care of advancement of the fragile approach of youth from the  provincial areas. In which the youth are guided by enabling them to find employment and connect with business. The program aims to provide training to about 5,000 young men and women. In which trained youth are engaged with employers to get fruitful employment according to their educational qualifications, training and their interest. Approximately Rs 5 crore has been sanctioned for this C2W project.

  1. Kerala Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP-K)

The objective of the EDP-K project is to start more and more enterprises in each selected block area across the state. Under this component of the plan, about 16,800 new ventures will be started in 14 flood-affected block levels of the state in agriculture and non-agricultural sectors. With which around 20,000 people will be included in the Kerala Entrepreneurship Development Program. Men and women will get the option to join the scheme. In this scheme, the government will provide loans up to a maximum of Rs 1 lakh for individuals and 4% will be given for group undertakings at an interest rate of Rs 5 lakh. An amount of Rs 70 crore has been approved for the EDP-K component.

  1. Procuring Resilience and Identity Through Sustainable Employment (ARISE)

The aim of the ARISE scheme is to provide training to youth and Kudumbasree workers. This training will be given in the 10 most demanding labor market areas and the laborers will be provided employment soon. Acquiring Resilience and Identity was launched in 2018-19 through the Sustainable Employment (ARISE) program. This scheme was for those who lost their livelihood due to floods in the state. But for the current financial year 2020-21, about 10,000 young women and men will be provided job opportunities through this component of the Kerala Athijeevanam Keraliyam Yojana. Their income will increase after getting employment. An amount of Rs 10 crores has been approved for this ARISE project.

  1. Kudumbasree Micro-Enterprise Development Program (KMEDP)

Through this component of the scheme, around 3,000 individual enterprises and 2,000 group enterprises will be started. Through this scheme, the members of Kudumbasree and their families will be provided assistance by the government to start an enterprise. More than 10,000 people will benefit from the scheme. In which all individual businesses can venture up to a limit of Rs 2.50 lakhs and can collect adventures up to a limit of Rs 10 lakhs. Assistance will be given to those who are taking skill training and entrepreneurship training through training agencies selected by the Kudumbasree District Mission. Preparation of this program will be completely free like various undertakings.

An Objective

The main objective of Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme is to provide employment to the unemployed people and youth seeking employment during the Corona period. So that their income can be improved by getting employment.


  • Permanent Resident of the state of Kerala
  • unemployed or job seekers
  • all classes of people

Important Documents

  • Aadhar Card
  • Permanent certificate
  • Educational Qualification Document
  • Bank account
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Mobile Number


  • Help will be provided by the state government
  • Providing employment
  • Reduce unemployment rate
  • Self-reliance on beneficiaries
  • Strengthening the economic side of the beneficiaries


  • Permanent residents of Kerala will get the benefit of Athijeevanam Keraliyam Yojana.
  • Employment will be provided by the state government for the youth employed and unemployed people through the scheme.
  • To give impetus to the scheme, 5 components will be working prominently in the Yuva Kerala Project, Connect to Work, EDP-K, ARISE and KMEDP.
  • Beneficiaries will be given employment based on their educational qualification and good experience.
  • Beneficiaries will be provided employment in their own state.
  • Beneficiaries will not have to face the financial crisis arising during the Corona period due to employment.
  • By meeting Employment will strengthen the economic side of the beneficiaries.

How to apply for Athijeevanam Keraliyam Yojana

  • Beneficiaries will have to wait a bit to take advantage of Athijeevanam Keraliyam Yojana. The Scheme has just been launched.
  • As soon as the application process starts, the beneficiaries can apply for the scheme sitting at home.
  • The beneficiaries will get the benefit of the scheme only after applying.

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