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|| Chief Minister Breakfast Scheme | Tamil Nadu Breakfast Yojana | Breakfast Scheme Registration | Application Process || The Breakfast Scheme has been implemented by the Government of Tamil Nadu for the children studying in the government schools of the state. Through the scheme, children will get free breakfast in government schools. The benefit of this scheme will be given to those children who come from far-flung areas, and due to lack of time, they are unable to have breakfast. Due to which they do not get a good diet, and they do not feel like studying. This scheme has been started only for the physical development of such children, so that the attention of the children is towards studies in school. So let us know, what is this scheme and which children will get the benefit of this scheme.

CM Breakfast Scheme

Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme

Breakfast Scheme has been started by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin for the physical development of children studying in government schools. Under this scheme, children from class 01 to class 5 will be provided breakfast in schools. Morning time is so busy, that parents of children lack time. Because at that time the father also has to go to the office, and the child also has to reach the school. In such a situation, the mother does not get enough time to take care of everyone. The Breakfast Scheme is being run by the Chief Minister only to solve this problem of the family. Now through the scheme, any child will be able to eat food in school and will not come late to school. With this scheme, children will remain energetic throughout the day and will be able to study well.

Main aspects of this Scheme

  • Under the scheme, breakfast will be provided to the students of classes I to V.
  • Rs 33.56 crore will be spent for breakfast scheme.
  • In the first phase of the scheme, the government will supply breakfast to about 1,545 government primary schools, resulting in about 1.14 million students getting breakfast in the school.
  • It will give kids only the most nutrient-rich breakfasts during the school day.
  • The scheme will be implemented through local bodies till it gets expanded and it covers the whole of Tamil Nadu.
  • Breakfast food prepared from 150-500 grams with sambar and vegetables will be given to each child.
  • Government has also provided breakfast menu for five working days (Monday to Friday). About Tamil Nadu Marriage Assistance Yojana Click Here

Overview of the TN Breakfast Scheme

Name Of the SchemeCM Breakfast Scheme
By Whom Initiated doneBy the Government of Tamil Nadu
BeneficiaryScholl Kids (Class 1st – 5th)
Assistance to be ProvidedProviding free breakfast in government schools

Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme

Breakfast Menu Under the CM Breakfast Scheme




Rice Upma or Rava Upma or Semayya Upma or Wheat Upma with Vegetable Sambar.


Rava Khichdi and Samay Kitchadi, Vegetable Khichdi, and Veet Rava Khichdi with Vegetable Sambar.


Rava/Pongal Pongal & Vegetable Sambar.


Upma of Rice & Rava, Upma & Samay, Upma & Veet Rava, Upma & Rava Kesari, & Samay Kesari


Rava Khichdi, Samay Khichdi, and Vegetable Khichdi, Rava Kesari, and Samay Kesari.

Objective Of the Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme

The main objective of the scheme is to arrange breakfast for the children studying in the government schools of the state.


  • Applicant should be a permanent resident of Tamil Nadu state.
  • The beneficiary should be a student.
  • Applicant should be studying in government school.
  • Children studying in class 01 to class 05 will be eligible to take advantage of the scheme.

Benefits Of the CM Breakfast Scheme

  • Breakfast scheme will help in providing morning meal to the students of class 1 to 5.
  • Breakfast nourishes the child’s brain and general health.
  • This scheme will do physical development of children.
  • Children who could not have breakfast in the morning, now those children will be covered by this scheme.
  • This scheme will provide initial benefits to about 1.25 lakh youth.
  • With this scheme the lack of nutrition in primary schools will be overcome. Especially in metropolitan areas where children from disadvantaged backgrounds lack essential nutritious food in the morning hours.
  • More than 43,600 students in municipal corporations, more than 17,400 in municipalities, more than 42,800 in gram panchayat limits and more than 10,100 students in rural and hilly areas will benefit from the breakfast scheme.

Key Features Of the CM Breakfast Scheme

  • Providing breakfast to children in schools
  • Doing the Children’s Physical development
  • To make the beneficiary students self-dependent and empowered.

How to Apply For the Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme

  • Children will not need to apply to take advantage of the scheme.
  • To take advantage of this scheme, the beneficiary student has to be present in his school.
  • Only after that children will be given breakfast in schools.
  • The work of providing breakfast to the children will be of the school department.

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