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Telangana CM Rythu Vedika Scheme | Rythu Vedika Yojana | Benefits / Eligibility / Objective / Features | How to Registration


The Rythu Vedika Yojana has been implemented to bring the same farmer on one platform who works hard from sowing to harvesting. Through this, remuneration price, better marketing facility, higher productivity and ultimately will help to make agriculture profitable for the betterment of farmers’ position. How to get the benefit of the scheme and how to apply. For this, you have to read this article till the end. So let’s know about Telangana Rythu Vedika Yojana.


Telangana Rythu Vedika Yojana


Telangana Rythu Vedika Yojana has been launched by the Telangana government to provide high returns to the farmers of the state and to solve the problems at the ground level. Under which platforms will be built to upgrade the existing system to make agriculture sustainable, to help farmers participate in higher returns and to upgrade the agricultural system. In addition, the farmers will be organized into a group to protect their rights. This program also helps farmers to achieve their ultimate high productivity, agricultural profitability and better marketing. 572 crore rupees will be spent for the construction of the scheme. In which 2,601 Rythu Vedicas will be built by the Telangana government in the next few months.


The main objective of the scheme is to facilitate the farmers to provide high returns for achieving their ultimate high productivity, solving grassroots problems and better marketing facilities.


  • Permanent Resident of Telangana State
  • Farmers

Important Documents

  • Aadhar Card
  • Permanent certificate
  • Land Documents
  • Bank Account
  • Mobile Number


  • The benefit of the scheme will be extended to the peasant class of Telangana State.
  • The scheme is an initiative to bring farmers under one platform and help them achieve higher returns.
  • The platform will help stabilize farmers’ income by providing information on institutional finance and ensuring their continuity in farming.
  • Farmers’ platforms will be constructed across the state by the Telangana government.
  • It will also encourage farmers to adopt innovative and modern agriculture practices, ensure flow of credit to the agriculture and allied sectors, help the farmers to interact and share the knowledge.
  • Farmers will get collective value and better marketing facilities.
  • This scheme will help the farmers to discuss their problems and implement their plans in selling their produce.
  • It will help to know the problems and difficulties of the farmers at the ground level.
  • The facility to upgrade the existing system will be provided to formulate new strategies and make agriculture sustainable.
  • The platforms will be used by agriculture and allied departments as skill imparting centers.
  • Each Rythu Vedika has two rooms and two toilets with a plinth area of 2,046 square feet. They will be provided electricity and tap water connections.
  • Out of 2,601 Rythu Vedikas to be constructed, 1,951 have been completed while construction of another 650 is in progress.
  • Under the scheme, the government has spent Rs 572.22 crore as the total construction cost of Rs 22 lakhs. Of which, out of the total cost, 12 lakh rupees will be given to Agriculture Department and the remaining 10 lakh rupees will be received from MNREGA fund.


  • To make farmers self-dependent and aware
  • Construction of platforms for farmers
  • Highest return facility to farmers for their produce
  • Better marketing facilities
  • Organizing farmers to make high productivity and agriculture profitable.
  • Helping farmers to know basic problems and difficulties at the grassroots level and formulate new strategies as well as provide assistance to make agriculture more profitable and sustainable.
  • Farmers will be encouraged to adopt new and modern agricultural practices.
  • The flow of credit will be ensured for agriculture and allied sectors.
  • Will help farmers to interact and share knowledge.
  • It will help farmers to organize in groups to protect their rights.

How to apply for Telangana Rythu Vedika Yojana

  • Beneficiaries go to the official website to take advantage of the scheme.
  • Now you have to search for the link of the plan.
  • After that you have to click on the given link.
  • After clicking, you will come to the next page.
  • Now the registration form will open in front of you.
  • After filling all the information given in this form, you will have to attach the necessary documents.
  • After the whole process, you have to finally click on the submitted button.

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