Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 | Online Registration | Dates & Venue | Stall Booking

Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 | Online Registration | Dates & Venue | Stall Booking | All preparations have been completed for the implementation of the shopping festival, which was announced by the Delhi government in its employment budget this year. For which CM Arvind Kejriwal, while announcing the dates of the festival, said that it will be organized on a large scale.

Delhi Shopping Festival will be celebrated for 30 days. This will be the biggest shopping festival of the country till date. Where people of every category will be able to shop and they will also get huge discounts on shopping. How to get the benefit of this facility and how to apply under it. To get all this information, you have to read this article till the end. So let’s know about the Delhi Shopping Festival.

Delhi Shopping Festival

Delhi Shopping Festival

Preparations have been made by the Delhi government for the country’s biggest shopping festival in Delhi. Whose name is – Delhi Shopping Festival | This event will last for about a month. Many things will be special in this. Mainly people who buy goods in this will get huge discounts. There will be something in this festival for children, youth, elderly, women, family, businessmen, rich, poor, middle class, people of every section. From furnishings to cheap clothes, crockery, furniture, electronics items, you will find everything you need in this shopping festival. CM Kejriwal said that we will make this festival the biggest shopping festival in the world in a few years.

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Delhi Shopping Festival Dates

  • Starting date – 28th January 2023
  • Closing date – 26th February 2023

Overview of the Delhi Shopping Festival

Name Of the SchemeDelhi Shopping Festival
By Whom Initiated doneBy the Government of Delhi
Beneficiarycitizens of all classes
Assistance to be ProvidedBoost the Economy of the state

Delhi Shopping Festival

Objective of the Delhi Shopping Festival

The main objective of this festival is to attract people from all over the world, promote local tourism and create jobs for the residents of the city.


  • Children,
  • Youth,
  • Elderly,
  • Women,
  • Merchant,
  • Rich,
  • Poor,
  • Middle class,
  • People of all walks of life

Key Aspects

For the shopping festival, the whole of Delhi will be divided into five zones (North, South, East, West and Central) in which various themed expo will be organized for a month. These will include expos on Spirituality and Health, Art and Literature, Gaming and Tech, Environment and Sustainability. On the basis of USP, brand awareness, shopping styles, number of stores, GST collection, location, footfall, connectivity and cleanliness, the government will select 15 reputed markets and 10 malls in all these localities.

Shopping Festival delhi

Key Points of the Delhi Shopping Festival

  1. Participation will be of all markets and malls in this festival

Various programs and events will be organized to ensure the participation of the visitors to each market. Game stalls for family participation, prizes in the form of gifts and movie tickets, children’s activities like face painting, magic show, art competition, decoration, Indian college band, celebrity talk, light and sound show, talent show, street theater , fashion shows etc. will be organized.

  1. Focus Area of Festival

The government will make special arrangements to give a unique experience to all the people visiting this festival and keeping in mind the different sections of the society. For example, suitable days and hours will be fixed in the festival for the elderly, housewives and shopping enthusiasts. Talent hunt, porter service, Mehndi and bangle booth, golf-cart for movement and special training facility will be provided. Rides, sports and other competitions, magic shows and puppet shows, dance floors, candied and ice cream booths and fast-food etc. will be arranged for children and youth. There will be separate lanes for movement of the elderly, special infrastructure facilities, special relaxation and reserved seats for the elderly. A special parade will also be taken out during the festival.

  1. World Class Opening and Closing Ceremony

More than 20 thousand people will be able to watch this festival on ground and millions of people online. Tickets for the opening ceremony will be given as prizes for a competition. Groups of eminent musicians, film personalities, comedians and dancers will participate in the ceremony. The closing ceremony will see a colorful display of Delhi’s culture. In which the markets of Delhi will also be rewarded.

  1. Beautification of the city will be done before the festival

During this mega festival, Delhi government will undertake a massive beautification drive to give a pleasant experience to the people. For which the culture of Delhi will be displayed from place to place through street art. Eco-friendly installations and lighting will be provided in selected parks, monuments, flyovers, buildings, metro and railway stations, airports, ISBTs, schools, colleges.

  1. Weekend Blockbusters will also be organized

There will be 4 blockbuster performances in each zone over the weekend during the shopping festival. The Weekend Blockbusters will be hosted by between 6,000 and 8,000 people. Concerts, performing arts, comedy shows, celebrity gigs will also be a part of the event. Attractive prizes will be presented to shoppers each week and hundreds of other winners will be honored as well. Mega winners will be announced at the closing ceremony.

  1. Special food walks will be organized

Delhi is very famous for its food. Food of every kind and every state is available here. Special food walks will be organized to experience the same. In which people from all well-known restaurants and hotel industry in Delhi and outside will be able to participate.

  1. Thousands of jobs will be created from this

This festival will become a great opportunity to generate employment for the youth. This will be an event in which the people of Delhi, the government of Delhi, its businessmen and corporates will all work together in a unique partnership.

Benefits of Delhi Shopping Festival

  • The arrival of outsiders for shopping in Delhi will boost tourism.
  • With the organization of Delhi Shopping Festival, the local markets of Delhi will be identified in the country and abroad, which will attract people for shopping here.
  • By organizing the Delhi Shopping Festival, the local products here will get global recognition.
  • Organizing this festival will increase the arrival of people in Delhi, which will lead to the growth of hotels, food hubs, etc.
  • Organizing the Delhi Shopping Festival will attract people here so that they will be able to taste the entertainment and local food here.
  • Organizing the Delhi Shopping Festival will give a boost to the startup culture.
  • Special and attractive discounts will also be given to the buyers during the event of this festival.
  • The government will help in all ways to encourage the organization of the Delhi Shopping Festival. Like giving discount offers to shopkeepers, hoteliers, and entrepreneurs by giving SGST refund to them.
  • This event will increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists by four lakhs, such as hotel industry, tourism industry and other businesses will have huge benefits, which will directly affect 12 lakh people. This will boost the business by at least 25%.
  • The local merchants of Delhi are facing a tough challenge from online shopping. Hope the Delhi Shopping Festival will be successful in reducing this problem to some extent.
  • Asia’s largest readymade garment market is located in Gandhinagar, Delhi. The Delhi Shopping Festival scheme will prove to be important in giving it its true identity.
Shopping Festival
Key Features of Delhi Shopping Festival
  • The festival will focus on various themes related to the rich cultural heritage of the city of Delhi.
  • The number of employment opportunities available in the state will increase.
  • Tourism will be boosted in Delhi.
  • It will contribute to the development of the economy of the state.
  • People will have access to an endless supply of entertainment in the form of sports, concerts, live events and cuisines from different countries.
  • People from different states will be able to take advantage of the significant savings offered by this festival on a wide range of items.
  • Opening ceremony and closing ceremony
  • Big discounts on all items
  • 200 concerts in 30 days by artists from around the globe
  • Games/tech exhibitions
  • Special ‘Food Walks’ for visitors to enjoy a variety of cuisines

Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 will be as per international standards. This will give a great opportunity to present Delhi on the international stage. Where all kinds of things are made available to the people at one place. This festival will promote tourism as well as create employment opportunities for the people. In conclusion, it can be said that if this scheme named Delhi Shopping Festival is implemented properly by the government then it will play an important role in improving the economy of Delhi.

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